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About Dancestars.......

MINIS........Dancestars is a dance class with the emphasis on FUN!  Aimed at boys and girls between 12 months and 3 and a half years ( a little older or younger, we don't mind).

We are a high energy, non competitive dance class that will see your little one wiggle, giggle, move and groove.  We provide the funky tunes and moves and the children do the rest! Classes are £6.00 per session paid weekly, or you can pay for a block and receive a discount.  Babes in arms are free. 

Dancestars explores various different dance styles and takes the format of a 40 minute class incorporating a warm up, routine and a cool down.  With personally devised class plans you will see your child grow in confidence week by week. Parents and carers can get as involved as they wish, but I guarantee once the playlist hits you won't be able to sit still!

Why Dancestars?

Dance and music not only enhance physical, emotional and social skills but also give each child a feeling of accomplishment. Dancing is a great fun way of keeping active and with obesity rates at their highest right now, exercise is the key to a healthy start in life.  Dancestars incorporates scarves, shakers, hula hoops and even inflatable saxophones to keep the children engaged.  We do more than just wiggle too....  From good toes, naughty toes to galloping and balancing, each class is a fun filled 40 minutes of dancing activity. 

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