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I’m excited to begin classes again and look forward to welcoming you when you all.  As we all know there are some new rules that we need to follow to ensure we meet all the safety precautions and social distancing measures.

  • Please do not attend should you, any member of your household or anyone you have been in contact with during the previous 14 days have any symptoms or a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19.

  • Please do not attend if you or any member of your household have travelled overseas during the previous 14 days.

  • As required by law, I will keep a record of your attendance for 21 days and in the event we have a confirmed Covid case, I will provide this information to the NHS Track and Trace Programme.

  • A QR code will be displayed at the entrance to each venue.

  • Please do not attend your session too early and follow the entrance guidelines as stated by the hall.

  • Please enter the hall individually allowing for 2 metres social distancing, adults and over 11’s  will need to wear a mask (unless you have a health or disability reason not to) and sanitise your hands with the sanitiser available. 

  • Chairs will be positioned around the room for parents, choose a chair to sit on and place your belongings under your chair, this will be your chair for the duration of the class.  

  • Dancing dots will be positioned around the room, beside the dot will be your prop bag for the session, inside is everything you will need for the session, along with stickers for the end of the class.

  • MINIS- We encourage Parents/carers to join their child on the dancing dots and interact throughout the class. 

  • At the end of the class return your equipment to the bag and leave it next to your dot, it will be sanitised prior to the next session.

  • Anyone who becomes symptomatic during the class where possible should leave the venue immediately without touching anything or coming into contact with anyone.

  • If you feel that any of these measures have been breached, please let me know so I can take the necessary steps to resolve the situation.

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