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Here at Dancestars we understand the importance of keeping little ones moving.  We have made it our mission to enhance youngsters enthusiasm through fun movement and dance sessions.  Not only do these build confidence and social skills but also encourage creativity and co-ordination.  

We offer a 40 minute class that can easily fit into your childcare setting.  We can explore a theme or topic you maybe covering or even create our own themed class.  Each class plan is personally devised with all aspects of the EYFS in mind.  


We also offer dance and movement classes within a primary school setting.  Following a similar path as the nursery settings, we work on fitness, creativity and musicality all whilst having fun.  We can work alongside themes and topics and incorporate storytelling and plays.  Please contact me for more information.


You can organise a free 20 minute taster session for your school or nursery setting to see how much the children can benefit from Dancestars, by contacting Laura.  After the free trial if you would like to incorporate Dancestars into your curriculum on a regular basis.

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